WITS (Wraight IT Services) offers home & business IT services nationally around the United Kingdom. WITS offers both on-site and remote support to any person or business that requires technical assistance. WITS is a registered limited company, which is currently solely owned and run by Joel Wraight. Visit our Meet The Team page for information on Joel’s experience, certifications and accreditation’s.

As a company, WITS is determined to have the effect, and the professionalism of an Enterprise grade service, but at the same time, giving our customers the upmost personable experience of customer service.

We enjoy building a relationship with our customers, and being a single point of call for the majority of all IT related technical services that any individual or business needs.

Our company beliefs, are that in the modern day, any individual or business will very much struggle to operate without access to technology. As the world becomes more and more reliable on technology, people and business need someone to guide them through the transition into a digital era. WITS aims to make technology for all of our customers an incredibly strong asset to their life’s or businesses and for tech to be enjoyable and easy platform to use instead of being something to avoid.

Whatever your individual or business requirements, we are confident that we will be able to work with yourselves to give you access to the resources and knowledge needed to enable you to adopt technology as part of your life or business.